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Is complete automation without loss of control possible?

Total commitment, that's what has set Impressions Modernes apart from the rest. For 50 years straight. This was already the case when typographer Gérard Chapelon first opened shop in 1966. The same dedication remained when his son Johan Chapelon took the Ardeche company under his command. Of course, things have changed in the meantime. The family business in the South of France has grown into a versatile graphic production company with about 40 employees. The established powerhouse holds a firm foothold in the region, with versatile - offset, digital, large format, ... - graphic production techniques, from design to finishing and placement, including digital web applications. A real full-service facility, covering everything from design to realization of the most diverse projects, large and small.

An ERP/MIS solution was used to optimise all production processes. With the intention that this would achieve efficient management of order and production information and cost control. However, despite their satisfaction with Impressions Modernes during the first years, the growing versatility in applications and production methods still started to take the wind out of their administrative sails. Not least because of the market's demands for speed and perfect service. So, they started to look for a transparent system with more possibilities, applicable to the company’s broad portfolio and business model. After getting acquainted at the C-Print trade fair (early 2019 - Lyon), CEO Chapelon was on the trail off MultiPress. But it took more than a few good arguments to convince the entrepreneur ...

B2B orders with B2C modalities

Impressions Modernes is a locally anchored printing company. Clients are mainly regional festivals and events, tourism, local merchants, winegrowers, and the hospitality industry. This implies a lot of commercial printing such as leaflets, all kinds of advertising, branding materials, displays, point-of-sale material, books and so on. B2B printing, but with the typical characteristics of B2C. Which means that everything must be delivered 'yesterday’, and pricing must be sharp. Very sharp.

The accelerating graphics sector and the accompanying no-holds-barred price policy meant that the current solution was no longer up to the task.

Critical research

C-Print in Lyon, 2019, brought about a turnaround. And MultiPress became a candidate to take the much-needed steps towards administrative automation. But at Impressions Modernes, they like to think long and hard before deciding. Even for MultiPress. So, a thorough analysis of the MIS/ERP system was set up. But after a comprehensive intake with countless rounds of questions and even more adequate answers, the Southern French became convinced that the Belgian expertise was extremely solid. Especially after many successful demo rounds and a crucial visit to some MultiPress reference customers. The fact that the modular MultiPress is now active at more than 1,000 companies all over Europe ensured the final approval as well.

No loss of control

Impressions Modernes ultimately went for the pure essence of MultiPress: calculation (and therefore quotations), orders and planning, and production tracking. In short, automation of the production process without losing control. Some benefits to be expected for the company from the Ardeche:

  • The 'Calculation Wizard' turns your print shop into an up-to-date, fully automated company.
  • With one click on the 'Auto' button, all invoices are drawn up, pre-defined at customer level or per order: weekly overview invoices, invoices per order, per call, ...
  • MultiPress neatly divides your orders into two flows: the production orders that go to the production planning and the call orders that appear on a picking list.
  • Complete customer relationship management in which all contacts, correspondence, visits, or important phone calls are easily tracked.
  • And much more, of course!

And so, also thanks to the strengthening of the French Dataline team, the growth of MultiPress in France continues unrelenting!

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