IMPRIVIC S.L. (Alicante, Spain) is a real pioneer in the area of large-format digital printing.
Since 1996, Imprivic has been providing printing and assembly services for all types of events for companies across the country.

Experience & expertise

It's experience in this specific sector has ensured that IMPRIVIC continuously adapts to its customers’ needs and the market’s demanding creativity. Naturally, this approach requires that Imprivic continuously invests in the most modern technological equipment. Moreover, the team consists exclusively of people with unrivalled expertise. In this way, Imprivic guarantees the excellent quality control of its products day after day. From production to installation and delivery at the customer’s site.

An ERP/MIS built for ambition

As is often the case in large-format printing and visual communication, they used to work with separate accounting systems and stand-alone calculation tools. For the M2 calculations, they quickly found that these figures were not realistic. Also calculating the exact production costs and the integration with the whole production process turned out not to be so easy.

The management was aware that to be able to realise the company’s ambitious plans, it was high time to take the administration to the highest level. So, they went looking for MIS/ERP software that can quickly give them an overall view of the costs, an insight into the achieved margins, and with which they can quickly identify the potential growth opportunities within their company.

In the specific sector of sign & large format printing, they did not have to search for long. MultiPress proved to be the only possible partner that fulfills all of Imprivic’s requirements. The web registration module with the on-site time registration app, which saves every large-format printing company a considerable amount of time, was the decisive factor.

Moreover, MultiPress also speaks Spanish, which is an added bonus.

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