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The perfect solution for graphics businesses in times of crisis?

These strange times may be the beginning of the new normal. The graphics sector, too, is currently affected by an economy that has almost come to a standstill. However, some companies are making use of this to optimise certain things. Inni Group is one of these proactive players. For example, they are using any freed-up time to further perfect their JDF/JMF story.  If the time between order creation, receipt of files and CTP can be even shorter, now is the time to get it done. This will allow you to be well prepared for when business starts to pick up again. This can save money and time later. The seamless and certified connection of MultiPress with Agfa Apogee’s prepress workflow came in handy!

Inni Group from Kortrijk has no intention of throwing in the towel. After all, they attach great importance to optimum efficiency. But normally there is hardly any time left to fine-tune things. Things are different now. So, this ambitious company saw a chance to take stock and do some optimising. They contacted Dataline with some specific questions about JDF/JMF because all kinds of turnaround times can (and so should) be made even shorter!

At Dataline, too, ‘adapt to change’ is an important company motto, especially now, so they do everything in their power to continue to assist companies with adaptations and upgrades. To this end, the possibilities of remote training & support via TeamViewer, and other online tools are being actively explored. This, to guide customers in the best (and safest) possible way until business starts to pick up again, which is sure to happen at some point…

Linking of Agfa Apogee / MultiPress = time savings

By linking the administrative processes that are automated via MultiPress to Agfa Apogee’s graphics prepress workflow – with which MultiPress seamlessly links – efficiency improvements are created in many areas. Thanks to JDF/JMF links, print orders are created in production without manual intervention from administration, so that the creation of proofs and plates, press scheduling and paper reservations are fully automated. The JMF feedback in turn ensures that the order status can be closely monitored by the administration. The result is a production process that runs more smoothly and with a lower error rate, resulting in more satisfied (end) customers.

Linking calculator/prepress = increased profits

Reducing error rates and avoiding double work generate significant returns when administration and prepress are interlinked. MultiPress can feed any workflow (JDF) and receive valuable feedback from most workflow systems (JMF), so time and material no longer need to be registered via barcodes. This helps to avoid duplication of work and reduces the error rate. Both production planning and dispatch planning become a lot more efficient, allowing you to cut down on transport and logistics costs considerably.