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Don't just say a printing company to Lamine Print Masters. Their craftsmanship goes back a century and has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, the print company from Herent (near Leuven, Belgium) has nine employees and has become the reference in the field of luxury printing. Highly regarded by fashion houses, designers and luxury brands. Not only in Belgium but also in the Netherlands. The razor-sharp quality immediately catches the eye. From stunning house style products to high-end catalogues and brochures. Familie Verschuere combines craftmanship with advanced techniques. They have everything in-house, from prepress and design to printing to complete finishing.

Process automation forms the backbone for the future story. Let that just be the problem. Lamine has been struggling with their MIS software for some time. Until MultiPress comes into the picture.

Investing for the future

"Transmitting text and images razor-sharp on paper, that's what we strive for every day. That is why the company continuously invests in new graphic technologies," explains Filip Verschuere. "Over the years, the machine park has expanded from traditional presses to Staccato screening technology. Our latest addition is a Heidelberg XL, a 5-colour printing press with lacquer finish, for formats measuring 52 by 74 centimetres. Our focus on quality is once again reflected in this choice," Koen Verschuere continues. This was the start of a new search for a suitable MIS software that can perfectly streamline production and administration.

A tough set of requirements

Admittedly, the master printers don't tolerate a millimeter loss of quality or a second delay. The moral of the story: the new automation tool has to meet a tough set of requirements ... Years ago, they explored the market and managed a number of processes with Gamsys. Without judging this or other software packages, they proved increasingly unsuitable for Lamine. 20 years ago, the offset printer was already considering switching to MultiPress, but just didn't go ahead with it. Until word-of-mouth advertising did its job. Recommendations on the service and professionalism of MultiPress seeped into Lamine. Testimonials of friendly colleagues made them think again.

Green light for MultiPress

Even though further innovation is necessary, on the shop floor people were hesitant at first. Many questions arose:

  • Can everyone learn the new programs quickly?
  • What about the risk of data loss?
  • How soon will the print shop be operational again after the switchover?
  • Best practices show that this goes very smoothly. The business software of MultiPress is seasoned and takes into account all the parameters involved in the printing process. An automation tool mentioned in one breath with user-friendliness, performance and good service.

The Lamine printers grabbed their chance at the right moment. The new Heidelberg Speedmaster illustrates the company's innovation mindset. The momentum to choose for MultiPress.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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