Thanks to the powerful "MultiPress Finishing" calculation module, our quotations are produced in a flash


"Automatic order intake and warehouse management? Right, MultiPress!"

Manufast is one of the largest workshops for adapted employment in Belgium. The company creates employment in the Brussels-Capital Region for people with disabilities and employs more than 250 people. Manufast makes the difference on a daily basis as a supplier of total solutions, both all-in and tailor-made, by combining technology with tasks that are difficult to automate. Core business: mailing/handling with its own graphics department. In 2012 Manufast decided to replace their "range of program islands" with one streamlined system : MultiPress. MultiPress became responsible for all quotations, orders, registrations, invoicing, financial follow-up and post-calculations. An absolute must was that the 3 activities - print, mailing and handling - were integrated into one system. Since they started to use MultiPress, the automatic order intake as well as the management of stock and warehouse runs through a single software solution.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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