Ouest Posters chooses MultiPress as growth booster

The French large format specialist Ouest Posters, is known as a strong, dynamic player in the Le Mans region. Leading in outdoor signage and advertising posters. Since its foundation in 1998, the company has grown into one of the largest producers of large format prints with a market share of over 30%. With offices in Le Mans and Paris, they employ 80 employees who guarantee a thorough customer-oriented service, from prepress to installation. No less than 875,000 posters go out every month for the biggest consumer and retail brands. The high-performance print shop is equipped for both offset production and digital printing techniques. On the software side, however, the company suffered from manual work and cumbersome procedures. Because NEOA has the ambition to grow into an even bigger market player, this was an obstacle. Numerous processes such as stock management, CRM and order calculation were not automated.

Innovation is the key! With the MIS/ERP software and e-business tool of MultiPress as a spearhead.

Operating in a rapidly changing sector, the founders of NEOA, Catherine and Patrick Van de Mert, were immediately able to position themselves strongly in the market with large-format printing. A pioneering company that dared to invest in the latest digital technology, both roll-to-roll and flatbed, in combination with offset. One company that has everything in-house for high-quality printing and finishing on almost any surface.

Innovation in the leading role

To ensure long-term success, Ouest Posters had been looking for a way to automate their business processes for some time. They understood that standing still is going backwards. The existing business software only provided order management: from quotations to orders to planning and logistics. In terms of order calculation, purchase and stock management, there was a need for an optimal process that avoids manual work and with no margins for error. Mailing back and forth is really out of date. 

For the French company a link with their existing applications was a must. Just think of the accounting software Sage, Kodak Prinergy but also with the XML data of the systems of their customer. Data exchange via XML plays an important role here. Or in human language: the development of a web portal that ensures that customers or other third parties can securely hook onto the worfklow. And allows them to follow the flow of their project. 

One software, many applications

It soon became clear that another provider could not really deliver on these promises. Thanks to the functional and modular capabilities of MultiPress, integration is flawless. An extension with the e-business module also proved its added value here. One of the success factors is the open character of the system. This ensures that the software can easily be linked to one or more systems of other technology providers. This is how MultiPress is laying the digital workflow foundations for the future as NEOA had them in mind. Growth opportunities are now to follow. 

Company details

NEOA, the French specialist in large format printing, based in Le Mans and Paris, guarantees a customer-oriented service from prepress to installation.

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