Nevelland Graphics

Nevelland Graphics is a graphic company that employs people with a work-limiting disability. This has been our focus for many years. Nevelland started out stencilling course books for universities, schools, etc. As the quality had to be higher and the print runs became increasingly bigger, we purchased offset presses. That is how we became the high-quality graphic company we are today. We print books, brochures and magazines in small and medium print runs. In both offset and digital.

Previous way of working

Since 2001, Nevelland has been working with MultiPress. MultiPress was initially purchased as a calculation program. Up until then, we had been using a FileMaker system of our own design for calculations and pre-calculations.

We used to write the work sheets by hand, which was a huge amount of work because it meant we had to repeat the same processes over and over again.

Advantages of MultiPress

Back then, it was very important to us that MultiPress operated both on Mac and on PC. Another major plus of MultiPress is its modular structure. Our philosophy is that we never take major leaps in our company: we always take gradual steps. We started with pre-calculation and then added other modules. We still work like this.

Structure & flexibility

Speed, structure and flexibility are very important to us. The folder structure that was created upon implementation of the web module is a major advancement as well.  In the past, each department had its own way of classifying and archiving.  This resulted in huge storage and transparency problems, which have now been resolved thanks to the folder structure.

Web module & invoicing

The MultiPress web module has increased the involvement of customers in the process. They can place orders, make price inquiries, follow up orders, check statuses, make reprints and upload files online.

The web module is particularly handy because customers complete their own checklist and thus do not forget to transmit any parameter.

Another advantage offered by MultiPress is that invoicing is done much faster than before. Ultrafast. Whether the customer is always happy with that, that’s another story, but to us, it is quite handy!

Future of Nevelland Graphics

Nevelland Graphics wants to make even less errors and plan even more efficiently in the future. If you have jobs ranging from 100 business cards to 25000 blocs, it is important to plan meticulously. Another challenge is coupling MultiPress to the prepress workflow and the digital printers, providing more standardisation and automation in those fields.  Logistics and connectivity with major customers is also a challenge we will have to address in the future.

Nevelland MultiPress