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Serious time savings thank to the MultiPress Web2Print module

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PlusPrint, a family printing company from Evergem, specialises in digital printing for both companies and private individuals. They have been working with MultiPress for quite some time. This administrative automation enabled them to remain lucrative despite their short delivery times and their very competitive prices. But PlusPrint is ambitious and wants to use its website to also efficiently target the online market. PlusPrint also wants to make a second production site in Merelbeke operational, while maintaining an administrative and operational overview, but without a slew of extra costs. And of course, if possible, they want to do all this while also maintaining profitability…

Invoicing without time loss

The four-strong printing company PlusPrint has been using a number of MultiPress features for some time now, especially at the level of invoicing. This modular business software plays well with almost every commercial Belgian accounting package, allowing invoices to be added to the accounts at the touch of a button. PlusPrint takes full advantage of this.

But, as the saying goes, standing still means going backwards, so PlusPrint started looking at how they could also integrate e-commerce into their business model. On the one hand, professional customers can now easily upload and manage the corporate identity of their company via the website ‘’. On the other hand, it takes a mere 90 seconds for a request for business cards, for example, to be forwarded directly to the production department via the website. Because the customer can arrange everything themselves, this results in serious time savings, for both the customer and PlusPrint, all thanks to the MultiPress Web2Print module, of course.

1 + 1 = 1

But that’s not all, because at the end of 2018, a second production site was opened, in Merelbeke. To do this, it had to be possible to work on both sites in the same administrative environment, in order to be able to manage things like orders and delivery notes. This allows the department in Evergem to get a clear picture of operations at the Merelbeke site.

This is no problem for MultiPress. From now on, PlusPrint can take care of its invoicing and payment monitoring from both Evergem and Merelbeke, allowing the family business to remain strong in a very competitive landscape, even during its growth.

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