MultiPress helps Publiman grow

Optimize existing workflows, improve the quality of the work, achieve better results thanks to thorough and well thought-out automation. The French family business Publiman is ambitious and wants to grow profitably. To realize this ambitious growth, management started looking for a strong tool that can support them in this. The search for an administrative devil-do-all had started. As a graphic company, quickly they detected MultiPress. The modular MIS / ERP system automates every step of the administration and ensures a seamless workflow. With a handy, intuitive dashboard where everything becomes clear at a glance.

Thoughtful automation
For example, if a graphic company has to wait too long to be able to invoice, something goes wrong. Until recently, everything had to be looked up before they could register the order into the accounting package and send an invoice to the customer. Especially when you consider that the input must be done twice! Once for accounting and once for the customer. This simply took too much time. And every time something was retyped, the chance of errors or mistakes doubled. The existing invoicing process could therefore be much more efficient. Also other workflows were thoroughly scrutinized and were not suitable (anymore) for an ambitious company such as Publiman.

Administrative chameleon

The most important priorities for Publiman could be summarized in three majors milestones. First and foremost it was necessary to get a better view of the production, including storage and hourly spending. In addition, they asked an intuitive, clear dashboard to follow and adjust where necessary all the steps of the workflow. And of course a fully integrated system for creating work certificates, quotations, invoices, .... This comes all 'out-of-the-box' of Multipress and is possible with a just few simple clicks.

Do they need to extend the software with a simple web interface for regular customers later on? Or a customization to create a link with the bookkeeping so that everything can be even more efficient? No problem. MultiPress is modular, adapts effortlessly to every client's need, large or small, like an administrative chameleon.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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