How MultiPress brings structure at fast growing large format and digital print house Reactor (Budapest, Hungary).

Reactor, by their own account a small company in the centre of Budapest, provides about 1,000 customers with excellent printed matter on an annual basis. A total of 40 companies account for 70% of the revenues, with the remaining 30% coming from smaller jobs. But how much do these jobs cost exactly? If prices are set without a clear idea of the actual production costs, growth will stagnate. Certainly in a digital world where the margins become increasingly small. 

Several solutions were explored, but MultiPress was the only one offering the appropriate flexibility and tools for their market (WFIJ & Digital Printing). MultiPress provides modules which are specifically designed to support this technology. As a result, the business software could be implemented immediately.

Copy shop bursting at the seams

The Hungarian company Reactor has seized and properly assessed each and every opportunity. Originally a copy shop, they have developed into a powerful entity in the printing and WFIJ (Wide Format InkJet) department of the graphic sector. They currently have 1,000 customers a year. Fully up-to-date machinery ensures many jobs throughout Hungary as well as in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands etc. on a daily basis.

Reactor only has one problem: 40 companies account for 70% of its revenues. This implies they also do plenty of smaller jobs, which also require proper lead times, finishing and follow-up. In the past, Reactor used Excel and Word for this. Word was used to draw up quotations. Those quotations were then exported as PDF files and emailed to the customer. The calculations were done in Excel. This is manageable for a few dozens of customers, but not for 1,000 customers.

The necessary click

One day it clicked. They realised they could not go on like that. They didn‘t have any planning, registration, reporting or HR management processes, let alone e-business operations, no unnecessary luxury today.

Any professional graphic company needs administrative automation. Even if it were only to get a clear grip on production and productivity. Or on invoice monitoring. Not to mention the ease of drawing up correct quotations.

MultiPress provides all aspects of the administrative workflow out of the box. And there’s more. The business software by default includes all necessary MIS/ERP functions and features modules which can be used specifically for large format, offset or digital printing, a personal web shop etc.

Thanks to MultiPress, all data (customers, suppliers, stock etc.) can be found at one central and easily accessible location. And you can check them with just a few clicks. This obviously results in major time savings!

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