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Is custom software without customization a possibility?

A common dilemma in graphic companies, when implementing new business software, is the choice 'build' versus 'buy'. This is, of course, because the balance between the immediate business needs and long-term growth is of paramount importance. This is also an immediate challenge. In this case, it comes down to allocating budgeted resources to the development of custom software or the use of ready-made solutions.

What are the requirements?

First and foremost, it is important to map out exactly what the software must do, and which processes are involved. During the decision-making process, the golden rule is therefore to understand all business needs and ensure that the solution fits perfectly. Once it is clear what the business requirements are and how the new software will address them, it is time to consider some options.

Build or buy

Sizo Outdoor Advertising had exactly two options: continue working and building with Filemaker Pro or ‘peek at the neighbours’, to see how their colleagues run their administrative automation. Due to an imminent merger with another company where Filemaker was also active, the question was asked to replace their own solution with a proven ERP solution in the market. Why? Because system management is expensive, essential functionality such as planning and calculation did not work optimally, and links to prepress and production hardly existed. With 20-30 quotations every day, there was still a lot of manual modification work which almost always leads to errors and delays. For some time, the Dutch sign and large format company had also been looking for a way to follow up on installation teams. If you have a solid reputation for delivering 'turnkey solutions' for players such as Mediamarkt, Decathlon, Praxis, FC Feyenoord and many others, the final step in the production process - the installation on site - must also be perfectly controlled and automated in the administration workflow.

Made for sign and large format

MultiPress - the leading ERP software brand for print companies in the Benelux - appeared on the radar. In recent years, the MultiPress software has been making a steep rise in the sign and large format market. And so, the comparison could begin with the sign company's current solution. No problem for MultiPress, of course. The 40-person company saw all existing bottlenecks disappear and replaced by a much more powerful product: planning, calculation, prepress coupling, production coupling, ... And of course, the Installation App to seamlessly control and follow up their six installation teams is included. All within the same package, neatly integrated with standard modules, expandable to their future needs and growth plans. Everything that Sizo may need now and later is available and developed specifically for sign and large format companies.

Choosing an established value

Of course, an ambitious company like Sizo doesn't just make important decisions like this overnight. So, they started listening to existing MultiPress customers and other ERP providers like Gofasso and Gripp. And it was confirmed: MultiPress distinguishes itself from others because it focuses on calculation, production, planning, registration, ... Other software packages usually focus on project management without truly integrating production monitoring or cost price calculation. As an 'all-in-one shop', from design to delivery, this is naturally very important for Sizo. Finally, MultiPress has a proven track-record in the sign and large-format sector. Some of the biggest sign and wide format companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, and in many countries in Europe wrote a piece of their success story together with MultiPress. It was, all things considered, an easy choice.

Company details

Sizo Buitenreclame is mainly known for 'turnkey solutions' for players such as Mediamarkt, Decathlon, Praxis, Feyenoord, .... The ambitious company near Rotterdam employs 40 people and has no less than six assembly teams.

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