XL Reklame

MultiPress maintains strict administrative processes at XL Reklame 

It is not easy to stand out in a saturated market, full of flashy colours, dazzling lights, and deafening slogans. However, XL Reklame does just that. Here are some examples. The cycling season is in full swing. Who do you think has done the car wrapping for Proximus' eye-catching purple support vehicles? XL Reklame. And what about bpost’s brand-new ‘24/7 bpack’ automatic parcel machines? XL Reklame. Dovy Keukens and Lamot Mechelen are also clients. So, which business software does XL Reklame use to keep its administrative processes firmly under control? Right, MultiPress. 

Time for change

XL Reklame took its first steps as a T-shirt printing business in 1993 but very soon found it was bursting at the seams. After a significant expansion of materials, printing techniques, formats, and finishing, the company in Mechelen now has fourteen employees and many large clients in its portfolio. However, its administrative processes needed to be innovated. The ambitious company wanted more insight and clarity about hour calculation, a clear planning overview for four sign makers, and clear post-calculation with the push of a button.

The company started looking for stability for the back-office to secure further growth and their, ever-decreasing, profit margins. When they asked their sector colleagues, such as Visix, Dacar, Van Eylen and Dael Printing, they were resolutely pointed the way to MultiPress. These companies have had positive experiences with Dataline Solutions’ business software for many years.

No sooner said than done

For ambitious companies such as XL Reklame, unadjusted software is just not an option. That is how MultiPress came on the scene. As it sooner or later always does for companies that want to maintain strict, specialised, and evolving administration processes. The choice for Dataline Solutions and MultiPress is not accidental because it offers the client - as opposed to customised development - the ‘Made-to-Measure Modules’ model. After all, MultiPress has been tested and approved by more than 3,000 users. The result is that just about any conceivable functionality already exists while there is continuous development. This concept provides the most stable, affordable, and sustainable business software where the client knows in advance exactly what the costs are, without losing sight of their specific ambitions. Which makes it extremely suitable for XL Reklame!