MultiPress integration with Agfa Apogee and Agfa Asanti

11 Mar 2021

Unprecedented efficiency gains, thanks to the integration of MultiPress MIS/ERP Software and Agfa Apogee / Asanti.

Dataline and Agfa welcome you to the live online broadcast about the standard connection between MultiPress MIS/ERP Software and the Apogee and Asanti digital front-end. Streamline the workflow of also your print production company and integrate the administrative processes through MultiPress with the Agfa graphic workflow. This will provide fantastic efficiency gains.

How does the connection work?

With JDF/JMF connections, the order manager creates print orders for production without further intervention from the administration. This way, the creation of proofs and plates, the planning of the press and the reservation of paper are all fully automatic. The JMF feedback ensures that the order status can be closely monitored from the administration. The end result is a production process that runs faster, with less labor and with a lower error rate. So higher margins and more satisfied (end) customers for your company!

What can you expect from this online broadcast?

  • Agfa and Dataline specialists teach you how prepress workflow and administration can be seamlessly integrated. Our experts will explain how you get more time for core activities and higher profitability.
  • Hands-on demos show how the connection works in practice and how it is set up. Error load and work time reduction are the result of seamless integration.
  • Leading print companies like Albe De Coker (BE) and Dacar Digital Printing (BE) share their experiences on MultiPress (Dataline) and Apogee/Asanti (Agfa) in their businesses.

Christoph Krohn, MultiPress Product Owner, and Erik Peeters, Market Manager Agfa, are the hosts of this live online broadcast. In addition to the presentations and demonstrations, they will also answer any questions that attendees may ask live.

March 11, 15.00. Don't miss this unique online broadcast and register today!

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