How MultiPress brought administrative rest at PunaMusta

PunaMusta is one of the biggest printing companies in Finland. It is part of PunaMusta Media Plc Group, headquartered in North Karelia. For more than a hundred years, the company is known for the printing of several local newspapers, including the Karjalainen daily newspaper, and a wide variety – more than 600 titles! – of magazines for the Finnish, Russian and Scandinavian markets.

PunaMusta also prints brochures, advertising, promotional materials, in short, almost the whole scope of printing is well served here. And as any company PunaMusta must always be on the lookout for new opportunities or keep a firm eye on the ever-changing markets. So, it started to branch out by taking over companies with specific printing expertise and even a high-end business, specialized in ICT. In this moment in time, that makes for a staggering 600 employees, spread out over fourteen locations in Finland. It goes without saying that if administrative automation is not in good hands, there’s no way of controlling anything or anyone …

Pouring jobs
A delegation of the Finnish company was attending FESPA 2017 when MultiPress caught their eye. PunaMusta was performing a study of the ERP/MIS market. They already had four software solutions lined up for comparison, but when MultiPress displayed the first of many demos, the search was over.
And that wasn’t too soon, as with the takeovers/mergers ‘smaller’ jobs were pouring in. A lot of jobs. And as the former system was built especially for big magazine and newspaper jobs, things were starting to get complicated very quick.

How complicated?
To add to that, each company that joined PunaMusta came with its own MIS-system, adding up to four totally different systems. Which resulted in 40 sales employees that made calculations on the system they were used to, which led to different outcomes. Moving jobs from one company to another was in that aspect nearly impossible. A situation that the Finnish company pinpointed swiftly and acted upon accordingly.

Open API connector
MultiPress is on its way to replace all the existing ERP/MIS systems, over all 14 locations. Resulting in a centralisation of important data and a substantial difference in speed and accuracy of job calculations. Last but certainly not least, what sealed the deal for MultiPress was the presence of an open API connector. That makes it possible for MultiPress to connect easily with existing programs, and that was exactly what PunaMusta wanted and needed.

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