A unique carbon footprint calculator

MultiPress is the only print ERP/MIS software that combines European regulations and guidelines with accurate calculations at a quotation and order level, no matter the volume, application, substrate or production technique used.

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Using the CO2 calculator in MultiPress is straightforward once you are certified and have entered all the necessary data.

This new method allows you to determine the exact CO2 emissions of any quotation or order, including the smallest details. You can select different options for each calculation, such as substrate, print run, or production technique. The results of each calculation will be clearly displayed on documents like quotations and order confirmations.

It's essential to understand your print company's carbon footprint and how the substrate impacts it. The goal of CO2 footprint calculations is to decrease carbon emissions, not just offset them.

The European targets aim to decrease carbon emissions, so MultiPress provides options to compare orders and offer more sustainable raw materials. You can calculate the carbon footprint and offset it at the order level. To offset the carbon footprint, find a suitable offsetting scheme with projects that align with your company's sustainability policy.

The importance of green practices in European printing company is becoming more and more obvious as time passes. By providing MultiPress MIS/ERP with the right information, the calculation engine can precisely calculate the COemissions involved in any order. This information can be used in different ways:

  • Customers: you can communicate this information to your customers on quotations, allowing them to make decisions based on the ecological impact of their order. You can offer them alternative substrates, better packaging materials, ... in order to improve the CO2 score.
  • Internal Management: you can collect this data in MultiPress dashboards and reports, so that carbon emission reduction results can be reported on. You can use this data to evaluate your current way of working, improving your CO2 emission score by replacing certain aspects.