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MultiPress and Bumbal curb unnecessary mileage

The trends of more but smaller print runs, faster delivery times, on-demand printing and zero-stock policies complicate the logistics process at print media companies. Further automation from MultiPress helps both external forwarders and your own transport to be as efficient as possible.

To make the automation of logistics through MultiPress efficient and transparent, Dataline works closely with Bumbal. They built a platform that allows users to combine the right shipments (for example, based on the delivery addresses). This is now also possible with information from MultiPress through the seamless link between both software.

Tracking optimal routes and deliveries is no longer a problem. The Bumbal technology also automatically feeds the logistical data of the trips back into MultiPress, so that all the order information is immediately complete and available for further processing and invoicing.

About Bumbal

Bumbal's smart trip-planning software makes your delivery efficient, improves the customer experience and saves you time and money.