With MultiPress, you and your employees always have access to relevant and up-to-date business information, so that the business processes run optimally and efficiently. The easy-to-manage user rights ensure that you always determine which information is accessible or inaccessible.

The extensive automation of business processes within MultiPress ensures that your employees function optimally and work efficiently. Quickly and easily manage MultiPress user rights for individual employees or function groups, so that everyone in the company has access to the right information.

You can also determine which employees can only view information (but cannot make changes) and, for example, who can print the information.

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  • Overview: you have all the information around user rights at your fingertips within the familiar MultiPress environment
  • Efficient: centralised management of user rights saves you a lot of time
  • Easy to use and secure: MultiPress enables your business information to be quickly and easily accessible to users with the appropriate rights at any time and constantly guards against unauthorised access