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MultiPress connects with Komori offset and digital printing presses

The JDF/JMF link between the MultiPress MIS software and the Komori KP-Connect Pro has many advantages. 

The connection leads to an automated data exchange between MultiPress and the prepress workflow and printing press. The production data of the printing job in MultiPress is transmitted to the printing press and the prepress workflow. This way, the imposition and colour information automatically arrives at the right place. MultiPress receives real-time costing data and status updates from the press with estimated processing time and press speed.

All these information flows result in increased efficiency of the entire production workflow and faster turnaround times. This proven integration also provides valuable management information and ultimately helps to optimise control of the print shop.

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Komori Europe is a go-to solution for offset and digital printing presses. The diverse range offers printers the opportunity to purchase a printing machine that perfectly suits their needs and wishes.