Fast and correct invoicing is a prerequisite for timely payments. With MultiPress, the creation of invoices is highly automated and you have all the necessary information at hand.

With MultiPress Invoicing, creating invoices goes super fast. You simply choose - manually or fully automatically - for which order or orders an invoice must be generated. All the necessary data is immediately collected and made transparent. You can view the post-calculation, but also add extra lines of text or adjust data on the invoice. Generating a partial invoice or combining multiple orders into a collective invoice is also a breeze.

It is also possible to make agreements on this method of invoicing, for example, regarding frequency, at the customer request. For some customers, a collective invoice at the end of the month is preferred, while others might prefer to receive their invoices daily or weekly. MultiPress makes it possible to fully automate this for each client. You can even adapt the layout of your invoice to the wishes of individual customers e.g. should the invoice number be displayed at the top right, or the total amount in an extra large font? No problem with MultiPress!

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  • Fast and accurate: all order data required for the invoice is directly available and always up-to-date
  • Save time and avoid errors: no more time wasted searching for information. You prevent any additional costs from not being invoiced or from being invoiced incompletely, or even from some orders not being invoiced at all
  • Efficient and complete: by automating the invoicing process to a high degree, you save time and avoid mistakes and errors
  • Customisation: you can easily customise the way invoices are created according to the wishes of the individual customer. In terms of frequency, for example, but also the way the information is displayed