How do you keep in control of a fast-growing printing company?

Puntgaaf in Kortrijk, Belgium has all the enthusiasm and capabilities it needs to keep developing. With the recent takeover of Vanoverbeke Printing Company in Vichte which included its premises as well as Dataline's MultiPress providing an MIS system that gives confidence and peace of mind, the company is thriving. Dataline continues to partner with Puntgaaf to support its business growth.  Puntgaaf, originally called 'Printing Company Jo Vandenbulcke', has been able to count on the efficiencies that MultiPress brings since 2003.   

Constant evolution

Jo Vandenbulcke states that the team at Puntgaaf continues to be satisfied with its choice of business software: "Over the last 18 years, our company has grown and evolved with Dataline's MIS system, taking a step at a time, until now Puntgaaf operates completely around the MultiPress system." 

Dataline's mission is to develop systems for the future to help companies meet the challenges of ever-changing market forces. Dataline's MultiPress software guarantees continuity and innovation, demonstrating and aligning to key developments in the sector and providing an important source of inspiration to the printing community. 

With MultiPress few deliveries are late

A printing order is only complete and satisfactory when it is delivered correctly and on time. At Puntgaaf they strive for maximum customer satisfaction. That's why smooth, error-free shipping is the goal. With the MultiPress expedition module, Puntgaaf always has a clear and detailed overview of all delivery plans and schedules.

Saving time and energy thanks to the JDF connection

The most recent MultiPress module that Johan Vercruysse and Jo Vandenbulcke have set up is the JDF connection.  After a smooth implementation, Puntgaaf employees can now send accurate impositions directly.  Knowing immediately if the PDF file is correct or not can make significant time savings.  Johan Vercruysse says: "We can now win back time and relieve the prepress department giving them extra time for more jobs."

Dataline x Puntgaaf 

Johan Vercruysse: "The cooperation we have with Dataline is very smooth and very fruitful. The MulitPress system adds value to our company as we can standardise everything. This is a key element of benefit as we don't print any standard products. Everything is tailor made for the customer.  Having a workflow which runs smoothly and an effective MIS system has changed our future outlook. To be honest our company revolves around MultiPress. All of our print jobs are managed by MultiPress. It is the core of our business. On the one hand we have the daily facility of the Dataline Helpdesk, plus we really appreciate the annual visit from Dataline. They look at our business strategies and administration and suggest modules which allow us stretch and further grow our business. Our long standing relationship with Dataline now means they think along with us and that is a valuable business relationship to have."  

At Dataline we attach great value to the personal contact we have with our customers. We place high importance on offering our users appropriate solutions that will bring them the highest levels of business efficiency. 

Company details

A personal approach, an eye for quality and perfect service have been Puntgaaf's trademarks for over 50 years. Since 2003 the company has relied on MultiPress and has succeeded in taking care of its many orders down to the last detail. 

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