Based in Mechelen, Buroform is a fast-growing 360° communications agency. They made the switch already in 2012 from Filemaker to the MultiPress business software and their portfolio of clients includes Mercedes-Benz, AkzoNobel and Scapa Sports. So, it’s high time to interview its Manager, Jesse Marynen, and find out how they handled the switch from FileMaker to MultiPress. We were also curious how things went with setting up their brand-new webshop.

Swiss cheese

“As a company in full expansion, we had been looking for business software that could grow along with us for some time”, begins Jesse Marynen, Manager of Buroform. “For years, we had been accustomed to working with FileMaker, but that’s a little bit like assembling an IKEA cabinet without the manual. The software itself is not bad, but you feel a lack of guidance. It was too much like Swiss cheese, full of holes. And we needed to find a better solution.”

The programme was also no longer a good fit with the company culture and approach. Nowadays, it’s all about optimisation and a total solution where everything is incorporated: web2print automation, mobile applications and accessibility, planning follow-up,... We found all that with MultiPress.”

Web-based is the way to go

“We have an awesome sales team, who are able to access MultiPress by iPad, anywhere and anytime. What’s the status of a job? Where is my activity or sales report? Because creating reports on-the-fly saves a huge amount time. Where is the information on the customer? How can I find the history of a certain job or customer? It’s all in MultiPress and it’s accessible from anywhere. I can’t imagine how we managed it all before”, we’re told at Buroform.

Synergy between different companies

’Taking over businesses is often accompanied by all kinds of software problems and workflows that are incompatible. Our last acquisition, Crozz, went flawlessly because they were already working with MultiPress, actually. We were able to seamlessly merge everything without either company losing its identity. How does MultiPress solve this? By creating different divisions. We now work with three subdivisions: Buroform itself, Crozz and BO Magazine, which we publish ourselves. In other words, it’s three divisions on one system. Perfectly reconciled thanks to MultiPress.

Orders from webshop to press without manual intervention 

In November 2018, a webshop was set up that’s geared towards companies, offering personalised holiday printing, calendars and desk blotters. In this way, Buroform wants to give as many companies as possible access to high-quality printing. But isn’t a webshop extra work? That’s the wrong attitude. It’s quite the contrary, in fact. The goal of the Buroform webshop, created in XMPie, is precisely to lighten the workload. Up until now, there was constant mailing back and forth between the designer and the customer in order to deliver visuals and texts, and get them approved. 

’Thanks to the automation on our webshop, this process is speeded up. Now, orders are entered directly from the webshop into MultiPress, without there needing to be any “manual work” by, for example, order administration or planning staff’,says Jesse Marynen. MultiPress was expanded to include features such as the Calculation Wizard and the order administration was further optimised.  

The Calculation Wizard is used in combination with the webshop. The Wizard takes into account the fluctuating day-to-day prices of paper, for example. Since MultiPress automatically keeps track of prices and links them to the online platform, they are always up-to-date. Correct order calculations are thus done fully automatically. In other words, each web order now goes virtually directly from MultiPress to the production process. This saves us a huge amount of time.

Always room for improvement 

Every growing company recruits new employees or acquires new staff through a takeover. What’s more, Buroform is constantly investing in the expansion and the further optimisation of MultiPress. This makes training crucially important. Buroform invests a lot in it because the management believes that the more and better the employees have mastered the finer points of MultiPress, the more time can be saved. And of course, time, professional expertise and innovation are extremely valuable for a growing company like Buroform.

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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