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Buroform, a fast-growing offset printing company, can count Tomorrowland, Lunch Garden and Zilte among its customers. The Mechelen-based company specialises in creating printed materials with impact, with the aim of inspiring people. Buroform's vision is to show that print is a medium that can hold its own alongside digital communication. And always will. High time to ask Jesse Marynen how the cooperation with MultiPress is going. We were also curious about how administrative automation software can optimise existing business processes, from order to delivery...

Working in a process-oriented way

"As a fast-growing company, we have long been looking for business software that can grow together with us," says Jesse Marynen, CEO of Buroform. "When we started MultiPress seven years ago, the transition from a self-written programme to professional software with a specific workflow and effectiveness was a very important step for Buroform. That was also the start of efficiency and scalability, by rethinking and reworking our existing business processes. I'm thinking of the automation of web2print, mobile applications and accessibility, planning follow-up, etc. We found all that (and more) with MultiPress."

Web-based is the way to go

"We have a sales team of four and they all have iPads with access to MultiPress. Wherever they are in the country. What's the status of a job? Where is my activity or sales report? Because you want to fill that in on the fly. Where is the customer’s information? How can I find the history of a particular job or client? Everything is in MultiPress and accessible from everywhere. I actually wonder how we managed it all before," laughs the manager.

The power of MultiPress Dashboards

Business is a game of numbers. Because financial and production figures tell you whether sales revenue is on track, whether costs are under control and how financially successful your business is at any given time. In other words, numbers are the language of better business ...

But data alone is not enough. It's about being presented well-structured and graphically strong figures on a silver platter. To be able to oversee all business-critical data with a simple push of the button in one convenient overview, to make management decisions and thus keep your company on track. For many managers, also in the graphic industry, this is a time-consuming task. It's not always easy to summarise all the figures in an orderly fashion, it can easily take several hours and often leaves too much room for interpretation. That is why Buroform chose to activate the MultiPress Dashboards.

Jesse Marynen: "To do a job well, you need a lot of accurate information. And it's up to us - together with MultiPress and the possibilities offered by the dashboards - to get that real-time data to where it's needed. A few examples?

  • We use the dashboards throughout the company. We want every operator in production to have access to x number of dashboards that can make their job more relevant and more efficient. Today, in production, you will see a lot of dashboards, because we think it is important that people everywhere have the correct information.
  • Think, for example, of someone who must do shipping or prepares packages to be sent out. We create a customised dashboard for them, so they can easily see what they must send every day and what will arrive tomorrow. Via the dashboard module, everyone can of course also create the labels with the right carrier to send them.
  • Accounting staff can use their dashboard to see what is ready for invoicing, what can still be invoiced, ...

The concrete advantage of the dashboard is that you can tailor it to the employee's role within the company. That 'customisation' is also very easy to programme yourself."

Orders from webshop to press without manual work.

"Through the API of MultiPress, which allows other systems to connect to the MIS/ERP system, we introduced our first webshop 'Inko Paper' last year. It is a very simple e-commerce model where every order is automatically introduced in MultiPress. An additional advantage is that you can link several webshops - which you can create yourself! - , link them to MultiPress and go as far as you like. In our case, relationships are created automatically, the checklist is filled in and the Calculation Wizard is also linked to the web shop. This gives the client the freedom to fill in any format or to calculate any specific customisation themselves'' according to Jesse.

The Calculation Wizard takes the fluctuating daily prices of paper into account, among other things. Because MultiPress automatically updates prices and links them to the online platform, they are always up-to-date. Correct order calculations are thus made fully automatically. In short, each web order now enters the production process directly from MultiPress. This results in huge time savings!

Transsmart: perfect follow-up for shipment.

Also, all shipping applications can now be integrated in the MultiPress MIS/ERP software. This significantly reduces the number of physical and administrative actions associated with package shipment. This in turn saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Jesse: "We have set up a connection with Transsmart. That ensures that the production staff can immediately put the right label on the box during packaging. In terms of monitoring, you can see that real-time data is transferred from Transsmart to MultiPress. This means that you can see when the delivery has arrived or is on its way. All the data is transmitted in real time. Super easy!"


Company details

Based in Mechelen, Buroform is a fast-growing 360° communications company. They have been using the MultiPress business software since 2012. Their portfolio of clients includes Tomorrowland, Lunch Garden and Zilte and, with seven acquisitions in as many years, they are growing at a healthy rate. By combining specialisations and printing companies, Buroform have been able to strengthen their impact and position in the market. They have mastered all aspects of modern communication and their 360° approach is a solid guarantee for flexibility, service and quality.

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