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Cared-for printing - more than paper and ink

Product innovation thanks to ERP/MIS software that grows along with it. Is that possible?

Drukkerij Janssens offers small-size printing and does so with a smile. The company has been surfing on a new wave for some time now. In addition to traditional printing, business manager Marc Janssens made the switch to digital printing, online applications and product innovation. Partly by investing in modern machinery, new opportunities arose.

Foil printing, for example, is a highly appreciated product in numerous specialized markets, including the food industry. Chocolate packaging is a good example of this. But the more specialized the industry, the more specific the standards. Very specific ...

BRC standards and so on

"More and more customers need specific products. For example, we were asked for a large order of chocolate boxes," recalls Marc Janssens. "I was immediately enthusiastic until I heard about the associated requirements. As a supplier to the food industry, you have to be BRC-certified. This means that every aspect of food production, including the packaging, must be perfectly traceable. Then came the critical consideration: being customer-oriented versus feasibility. On the one hand, we don't want to disrupt the production flow. On the other hand ... well, a customer steps up to the competition easily. When I ask the question in advance whether MultiPress can bridge this gap, the answer is a resounding yes. That was reassuring, but I was still sceptical. How much was the cost of this ...?

Complex orders under the microscope

"Through years of cooperation I have a good connection with drukkerij Janssens. We have the ambition to support the further growth of our customers", says the business development of MultiPress. "Optimization can be done easily by adding a component within the modular structure of the software. But sometimes the companies only use a fraction of the functionalities offered by the business software. It is then our job to help them on their way with the required 'tips and tricks'".

The addition of a folder structure proved to be an accurate solution for the specific challenge of this dynamic printing company.

Where there is MultiPress, there is a way

How does this work exactly? Within MultiPress, print-ready files automatically flow through to the prepress and production flow. Each order has a unique, digital DNA. This makes it possible to track and store all of its data within a folder structure that you set up yourself. You can also link the logistics route of an order flawlessly to this.

Since Janssens is already familiar with the MultiPress modules 'stock and warehouse management', this is a piece of cake for them. This way, the quest to trace all components of a single order is solved. Down to the smallest details: from paper to substrate and inks.

Once again the added value of MultiPress is demonstrated. Integrating all business processes into one powerful management system delivers unprecedented benefits. Janssens is ready to take crucial steps in the food industry. Small but dynamic! That tastes like more ...

Connection with Heidelberg

Drukkerij Marc Janssens uses the Heidelberg Versamark and the Prinect workflow for digital printing of commercial printwork and packaging. To fuel this workflow, the order manager relies on MultiPress with Impose. Watch the whole story in this Heidelberg video.


Company details

Drukkerij Marc Janssens has been surfing on a new wave for some time now. In addition to classic small-format printing, they have made the transition to digital printing, online applications and product innovation. Luckily, the substantial investments in modern machinery proves to be fruitful. Foil printing, for example, is a much sought-after product in industries like the food industry. MultiPress provides the company from Melsele with a solid administrative foundation to meet specific requirements.

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