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MultiPress makes good (administrative) weather for French business

What if you are a graphics business with just under 50 employees, divided between administration and production. You send out a thousand or so quotes each month, at least half of which turn into real orders. Then you are no longer small fry. After all, DS Impression is a large team of graphics professionals who enjoy their work and deliver on their agreements. Moreover, they have experience and knowledge of the printing business. The result is beautiful digitally printed matter, such as posters on almost all formats and POS/POP systems. Do you need artful car wrapping? No problem!

The three aspects of administration that are essential for the business in Geudertheim (France) are calculation, e-business, and CRM. Preferably in a fully integrated MIS/ERP system. So, let MultiPress make good administrative weather for the French business.

Calculation with errors is not an option!

For a business with two production units, having an overview is essential, as well as strict procedures. Think of estimating, cost accounting, post-calculation, planning, and ultimately, invoicing.

Of course, you won’t manage all this with separate programmes for calculation (Flow+), for planning (Excel), and for the link to accounts (Compta Expert). Certainly not if the data that are transferred to these accounts then have to be processed separately to fit in the active template. The result is wasted time and a much higher chance of errors. With 1,000 quotations per month, half of which turning into real orders, this creates chaos. Especially if you are not paying attention.

MultiPress, adaptable to market opportunity

When DS Impression wanted to start playing a significant online role, they started looking for a fully integrated MIS/ERP system. It had to be both affordable and modular. They first only wanted calculation, CRM, and Web2Print, the rest would come later. MultiPress is exceptionally suitable for this. The all-in-one business software comes fully installed, but only with the desired modules activated. In this way, a graphics business can easily switch according to vision and market opportunity. Having more time available for their customers was an added bonus for the French business.


DS Impression

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Just about 50 employees and about 1,000 offers a month, then you are no longer a small player. That's why DS Impression produces beautiful digital printed matter, such as posters in almost all formats and POS/POP systems. 

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