A suitable label for each order

An order is only complete when delivery has taken place on time and as agreed. This last key step in the entire order process is therefore of crucial importance. The right labels, packing lists and delivery notes are indispensable here. You can process them in no time with MultiPress.

With MultiPress, all the necessary information about the packaging and the delivery address is immediately available for each order. So you can easily print the right labels with the correct information and codes, and also immediately have the corresponding packing list and delivery note(s). This saves the shipping department a lot of work, it makes the administrative processing of each order much simpler, and you also ensure that the delivery is completely to the customer's liking.

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MultiPress neatly divides your orders into two streamsthe production orders that go to the production planning and the call-off orders that come on a picking list. But, the MultiPress stock module does even more: the software keeps track of customer-specific goods and books them directly or via the web-2-print module. If the payment is made online then your customer can order goods from his online stock or arrange his printing on demand with just a few clicks.

To keep a transparent overview of the order flows, you can structure them with different delivery labels and receipts. You can also add a guidance note with agreements on the proof and the deadline. In this way, you can follow the order from the start right through to 'ready for printing'.

  • Registration of customer-related goods divided by customer group, such as for parent and subsidiary companies
  • Creation of a picking list that books the articles into the stock and/or warehouse module via a barcode
  • Creation of delivery documents, linked to the project and easily traceable
  • Efficient and fast: as all the information required by the shipping department is available immediately, every order is ready for dispatch in no time at all 
  • Save time and costs: correct labels, packing lists and delivery notes make the administrative processing of each order many times easier and faster