Full control of every delivery, straight to the customer

For many print media companies managing logistics can be complex and difficult. With little overview of all the necessary details and a lot of manual work, shipments are often distributed among several different shipping and pick-up companies: add to that the different specifics - partial deliveries and rush deliveries.

Many more short-run print orders, faster delivery times, on-demand printing, and zero-stock policies, mean that graphic arts production departments are having to manage more and more shipments faster. And it doesn't stop there: the shipping costs arrive each month on a confusing invoice that can be as much as 10-20% of turnover.

With the Shipping Management module in MultiPress, graphic production companies can finally control this last link in the supply chain.

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The Shipping Management module in MultiPress expedites and coordinates all logistics, establishing a link with transport companies that share data on transport costs and planning according to a standardised norm. Thanks to this XML-based link in MultiPress, all information around a transport order can easily be exchanged automatically, from reserving transport and registering a parcel or pallet to the track & trace code and delivery notification. Internal deliveries can also be arranged with this module. By automating the information flow, your team no longer loses time on manual administrative tasks and you do not run the risk of errors occurring when data is transferred.

The digital links to external suppliers in the MultiPress Shipping Management module provide you with an overview of the transport procedures of each supplier. With this module you can predict and guarantee the success of your shipping. The correct information 'in real time' on the delivery note provides accurate insight into the progress of each delivery. Thanks to the seamless exchange of information, you immediately receive a correct price quotation based on the weight and dimensions of the delivery. It is even possible to compare different providers.

The Shipping Management module in MultiPress provides insight into the costs of each order, even if it is delivered in partial deliveries or to different locations. This way, you know immediately what each delivery costs - and this cost can be invoiced correctly to the right customer.

  • Insight and control: MultiPress brings the transport flow under control and makes the shipping costs per order transparent.
  • Streamlined process: automating logistics with MultiPress transforms the often confusing transport flow into a streamlined delivery process carried out by a network of affiliated transport companies

Features of Shipping Management

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