Unifaun and MultiPress ensure you deliver!

Many more short-run print orders, faster delivery times, on-demand printing, and zero-stock policies mean that graphic arts departments are having to manage more shipments more quickly

The Unifaun integration in MultiPress automates complete transport management and connects you to more than 100 transport companies.

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With this integration, you finally get the last link in the chain under better control. Deliveries are offered centrally and labels and tracking numbers are retrieved on the basis of the delivery note or the shipping schedule. Information on delivery status is returned and the shipping costs of the various transport companies are automatically calculated and assigned to the respective order.

  • Insight and control: MultiPress brings the transport flow under control and makes the shipping costs per order transparent
  • Streamlined process: automating with MultiPress transforms the often confusing transport flow into a streamlined forwarding process carried out by a network of affiliated transport companies