Callas (pdfToolbox)

Technology partner

MultiPress integrates Callas/pdfToolbox for faster file processing

Validation and correction of supplied PDF documents should be done as early as possible in the workflow. With the 'Check & Repair' module (Callas), the PDF files provided in MultiPress can be checked and automatically repaired. The user will receive a report with errors and warnings.

MultiPress uses the Callas PDF toolbox technology for this. This offers everything from quick visual inspection and repairs to processing thousands of files without supervision. This combination of MultiPress and Callas results in enormous time savings and limits the error load.

The PDFToolbox technology is used by small businesses, large publishing houses and graphic media companies, but also by OEMs, who integrate it into their own solution.

About Callas (pdfToolbox)

Callas software has an easy way to handle complex pdf challenges. Callas software sells pdf technology for publishing, print production, document exchange and archiving.