Technology partner

Accurate calculations in MultiPress for Zünd users

Zünd's modular cutting systems are used by various sign and large format companies around the world to process a wide variety of different materials.

The unique link between Zund's cutting system software and MultiPress results in fast and accurate calculations. The calculations are based on all Zund machine specifications, the materials used and the tooling information, as well as the cutting information from the job itself. For each job, MultiPress calculates exactly how much time the Zünd cutting table will need. This ensures highly accurate calculations and strong quotations for the complete production of sign and large format products.

About Zünd

With 215 employees, the Swiss technology company Zünd is one of the world's leading suppliers of finishing equipment for the sign and large-format industry. Its modular cutting systems are sought after solutions for cutting a diversity of POS products using numerous materials such as film, corrugated cardboard and textiles.