MultiPress connects with Komori

30 Oct 2019

Linking MultiPress MIS to Komori KP-Connect Pro creates a fully automated workflow, from the incoming order to the finished printed product.

MultiPress Certified Partnership Programme delivers powerful automation.

Bruges, Belgium, 30 October 2019 – Dataline, market leader in ERP/MIS solutions for graphics production companies, announces that it has implemented the JDF/JMF link to Komori KP-Connect Pro. This software link between the MIS and the printing press allows an automated exchange of data, with the production data from the print job in MultiPress being sent to the printing press and, in parallel, to the prepress workflow. This means that print jobs can be created automatically for the press, with all the necessary parameters, such as the print run or paper. Via the prepress workflow, the imposition and colour information is routed automatically to the right place. The MultiPress system receives real-time feedback for the cost calculation, as well as status updates from the press including the estimated lead time and press speed.

All these information flows increase the efficiency of the whole production workflow, as well as ensuring faster lead times and precise communication with the customer. Thanks to the information retrieved from the MIS database in MultiPress, critical parameters need only be entered once during the workflow, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors.

The tried and tested integration at this level between the MIS and the printing press also provides the necessary management information and, ultimately, allows optimal management of the printing business.

Komori KP-Connect Pro

KP-Connect Pro printing task control software is positioned between the MIS and production site, where it brings transparency to complex task control and allows all operators to share the latest production data in real time. This integrated control includes creation and distribution of schedules as well as collection of production results for both offset presses and digital printing systems. Digitalising the planning table and daily business report means that this information can also be viewed in real time.

A live demonstration of the link between MultiPress and Komori will be given at the Komori Autumn Open House in Utrecht on 6 and 7 November 2019. Register your interest for this event here.

About MultiPress Certification

Dataline and Komori have joined forces and signed a MultiPress Certified Technology (CMT) partner agreement. This programme ensures that suppliers like Komori are certified to implement a link between MultiPress and their own application, based on the JMF technology. In collaboration with the partner, Dataline supplies the knowledge, development and support and also performs the necessary steps to standardise the solution. MultiPress has a fast-growing number of certified partners who connect the open MultiPress MIS/ERP platform to a wide range of technologies and solutions in the graphics industry, such as software, hardware, consumer goods, paper and substrates. Joining forces in this way means that more powerful solutions and innovations, offering greater added value for the end customer, reach the market more quickly. Thanks to this certification programme, overall quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed for both the partner and the end customer.

About Dataline and MultiPress
Dataline Solutions develops ERP business software for dynamic offset, digital, finishing, signage, large-format & textile printing companies (MultiPress) and advertising & communication agencies (QuoJob).

MultiPress is an MIS/ERP software solution developed from the needs of the graphics industry that links all administrative, commercial, financial, and logistics processes within a graphics company. It includes a CRM function, quotations, order management, logistics & shipment management, planning and invoicing. MultiPress integrates the company’s production software and guarantees an automatic information exchange. Administration, sales and production are linked in a fully integrated solution. MultiPress accelerates processes, increases efficiency, eliminates errors and ensures transparency of all costs. With more than 8000 users, MultiPress is the standard ERP/MIS software in Belgium and the Netherlands. Growing throughout Europe, the software is now used in 19 countries and available in 11 language versions. For more information, visit