Cost calculation in MultiPress

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 11:08
Cost calculation in MultiPress

How do you know what the real costs and benefits are of your machines?

"How much does this new machine actually yield?  Every printer, from offset to digital, will sooner or later be asking this question.  Calculating this is a difficult and time-consuming task, and a small error in the calculation makes the result completely unreliable.  MultiPress has a solution for this with the module "cost calculation".  With this module you can calculate an effective hourly cost on the basis of labour costs, production and financial data.

The "costing" module feeds your cost structure (financial data, cost centers, labour costs, insurance,...) and the actual cost of each marketable cost center is calculated automatically.  With a clear view of the correct cost structure, it is easy to evaluate orders better. 

Why don't all printers have the same (machine) hourly cost? Because each company has different direct, indirect, worker, machine, overhead and personnel costs.  The hourly cost calculation provides a simple and transparent way to calculate the hourly costs of your cost carriers and cost centers in a very detailed way on the basis of the above parameters.

An additional advantage of this module is that it is extremely flexible, which allows you to make simulations of alternative situations.  Simulations of what the effect would be of reducing your labour costs or investing in a new machine: your new hourly rate is calculated immediately.  But it doesn't stop here, even the following simulations are perfectly possible:

  • Making simulations of new employees
  • Making simulations of reorganisations
  • Simulating future investments