How do you calculate the finishing cost of your large format print?

4 Oct 2021

How do you calculate the finishing cost of your large format print?

The finishing of sign and large-format print jobs can be much more complex than with standard digital or offset printing. The complexity of the process is not only a challenge for the production team, but also for your administration. Because of the many finishing methods, the machinery and the manpower required, the price and time calculation for each order is not so simple. How can you solve this?

New: cutter calculations in MultiPress

MultiPress has recently added new capabilities for cutting and milling machines to its already extremely powerful calculation engine which incorporates all common production techniques for sign and large-format production. The information on all possible substrates and shapes is also included in the final price calculation of MultiPress.

MultiPress maintains a rich database of information on various brands and types of cutting tables, and also takes into account the materials used in the finishing. Whether you are working on a Zund, Summa, Aristo or Kongsberg cutting table and whether you are processing forex, di-bond, corrugated cardboard or cutting foil, MultiPress can calculate the exact processing speed for each job.

This calculation is made on the basis of:

  • the machine specifications
  • material and tooling information
  • the cutting information from the print job itself, for clean cutting, contour cutting, scoring or milling

You don't just get an estimate but an extremely accurate calculation. For each cutting job, MultiPress can now calculate exactly how much time the cutting table will need to complete each job. This enables you to make accurate calculations and strong quotations for the complete production of sign and large-format products, and avoids surprises in your planning and in the final invoice.

Up-to-date and linked inventory management

The correct distribution of machine use in your large format company and the reservation of materials in your warehouse are child's play with MultiPress. A few clicks and you reserve production time on the right machine in your fleet and ensure that the material for this print job is available.

Automatic administrative follow-up of each print job

With MultiPress you avoid chaotic administration and production.  With our MIS/ERP software, different departments can communicate easily with each other, pass on the right information to each other and easily automate the many steps in the process. Everyone works with the latest accurate information on every print job, saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing errors in every department of your company.  MultiPress puts you in control of your schedules and costs.

Do you also want to calculate cutting orders quickly and easily? Discover here what MultiPress can do for your sign and large format company!