International e-invoicing requirements? E-invoicing starts in MultiPress now!

3 Jun 2022

In an increasingly connected (business) world, it is necessary to exchange electronic invoices in a convenient and above all a secure manner. The familiar PDF format is no longer sufficient as it does not allow for fully automatic processing by the recipient. The European Commission's solution PEPPOL enables the standardised exchange of e-invoices between companies (B2B) and governments (B2G). The international network based on an agreement framework uses a standard format and applications to facilitate secure e-procurement and e-invoicing.

Secure and efficient e-invoicing

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. The network was established in 2008 as a test project by the European Commission. Via the PEPPOL network, affiliated organisations can exchange business documents in various electronic formats. The PEPPOL format offers many benefits to companies doing business with public suppliers, from a huge efficiency boost to super secure B2B and B2G transactions. It is therefore logical that more and more large and international B2B companies are asking for electronic invoicing in the PEPPOL format.

PEPPOL from MultiPress

Logo Peppol

Dataline also received an increasing demand to integrate e-invoices in the PEPPOL format into the financial traffic of MultiPress. Therefore we started working with partner Storecove, a major international player in the field of e-invoicing.

This means that from now on - in MultiPress you can perfectly comply with the regulations for e-invoicing via PEPPOL. Through an API key generated for you,  you comply with standard e-invoicing legislation, both nationally and internationally. Creating e-invoices in PEPPOL format in MultiPress is now a piece of cake!