Letting customers pay in one scan? This is possible with MultiPress

31 March 2022

Blog Pay - QR on invoice

Paying invoices and bills has become increasingly easier: we are all familiar with easy-to-use online bank applications where we can arrange payment with a few clicks. For professional payments, too, there are more and more applications on the market that make invoice processing easier. This is why MultiPress entered into a partnership with PAY. : assuring ease-of-use for you and your end-customer.

Scan and pay

Are you looking for national and international payment options for your print media company? Whatever product or service you offer, the integration of PAY. into MultiPress always has a suitable payment method. Here are your benefits at a glance:

  • A unique QR-code is automatically generated on each invoice - no extra action is required
  • You can easily adjust your payment methods in MultiPress to meet your preferences
  • Your end client can use trusted payment methods, making payment easier for them
  • Importantly - thanks to the ease of use of this integration, you can expect far fewer late payments and avoid follow-up of outstanding invoices

How does it work?

MultiPress has integrated PAY. into its software. This allows you to automatically generate a QR code on all invoices that you create in MultiPress. By scanning the unique QR code, the end user is easily able to process the payment.

In your MultiPress configuration, you can easily specify which payment platforms can and may be used. PAY. covers the most common payment methods for most countries in Europe: by bank, telephone, credit card and prepaid card. The most common online payment methods for web shops are iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, credit cards and post-payment methods.

You can also choose to customise the landing page for payment traffic.

Want to know more about paying by scanning a code? Talk to our experts!