Logistics and shipping: black hole or end-to-end visibility?

28 Sep 2020

Logistics and shipping: black hole or end-to-end visibility?

For many print service providers, logistics and shipping remain a largely unknown territory. The challenges are clear: print jobs are getting smaller while job numbers, and thus the number of deliveries, are increasing constantly. How do you keep your costs in check?

And that’s not all...

Today’s print buyers are accustomed to B2C online environments where their every order can be closely followed and deliveries will often arrive the next day. In a B2B context, they have come to expect no less.

The result for you: a huge pile of partial and urgent deliveries waiting to be dealt with, ideally with a margin of error of 0%. Handling such a situation smoothly requires lots of extra time and effort.

Any lapse of attention will drive up your monthly costs, sometimes significantly so. Your precious resources getting sucked into a ‘black hole’...

Logistics doesn’t have to be that way!

That’s why more and more print providers streamline their logistics using specialised shipping solutions.

Leading players in this arena, operating in the cloud, include Unifaun, Sendcloud, Transsmart and Bumbal.

What exactly can such solutions do?

  • Book and register shipments
  • Generate track & trace codes
  • Provide data for packing slips
  • Optimise delivery planning
  • Generate confirmations of delivery

1-click shipments

Here’s good news! All these shipping platforms can now be integrated with your MultiPress MIS/ERP software. Touchpoints and paperwork involved in shipments are significantly reduced, saving time and eliminating errors.

Not yet convinced?

Consider this: sending 20 parcels a day can easily take two hours of your time. The MultiPress Logistics Module brings this down to just a few minutes while clearly breaking down your costs by shipment and customer.

Print service providers do well to keep track of their logistics costs. Costs you don’t know can’t be charged appropriately, wasting both money and time. The MultiPress Logistics Module provides an efficient solution, integrating seamlessly with all major shipping platforms.

Transparent logistics made easy, all the way.