MultiPress users can order directly from Probo

31 May 2021

MultiPress users can order directly from Probo


Offer a fuller range of print products, even if you don't produce it yourself.

MultiPress recently established a durable connection with Probo. This complete company produces and supplies, exclusively as a subcontractor, a very wide range of signing, large format, interior decoration, as well as labels and other digital print products. Thanks to the direct link with the Probo platform, MultiPress users can now offer the current Probo range, the descriptions and the corresponding prices to their clients, and place orders directly. And all in their familiar MultiPress environment!

Nothing but benefits

The cooperation between Probo and MultiPress offers some very specific advantages:

  • Ease-of-use prevents mistakes. It is no longer necessary to look up all the information externally. Within the MultiPress environment, the print professional has access to all the latest information and prices from the Probo portal. This prevents errors caused by manually copying data.
  • The quotation calculation made in MultiPress is recorded and - thanks to the API connection - can be used directly at Probo to pass on the production order.
  • Competitive purchasing. MultiPress offers a complete overview of the Probo range, making it easy to compare prices and qualities.

For many MultiPress users, this seamless connection will be a welcome addition to the already very complete MIS/ERP system. Specialised suppliers are a smart and practical way to offer a wider range of products and services to clients and potential clients - without having to bring all the machines and expertise in-house.

Certified connections

Dataline has been focusing on the certified MultiPress partner connections for quite some time now. Because you get strong processes and good insight by connecting people and machines, by automatically exchanging data, by cleverly integrating partner solutions. But it doesn't stop there, of course. Connections and integrations with other players outside your own MultiPress workflow are just as important, for example, accounting, prepress and production, logistics, ... Because that is efficient!

That is why Dataline created the certification programme. By realizing standard connections with platforms of financial and logistics companies, e-business, prepress and material suppliers, these partners and Dataline can improve the added value of the MultiPress installation in a safe and standardized way. Result: next-level automation and efficiency optimisation where the customer can use a sustainable solution supported by both companies, now and in the future.

At present, the Dataline Certified Partner programme contains about 50 certified connections with hardware suppliers (Komori, Canon, Roland, ...), software suppliers (Workflower, Kodak, Enfocus, ...) and paper and consumables suppliers (e.g., Kodak, Enfocus, ...), paper and consumables suppliers (Antalis, IGEPA, VINK BE/NL, Nautasign, ...), logistics software companies (Bumbal, Unifaun, Transsmart), e-business suppliers (Prindustry, Pressero) and financial applications (Scansys, ExAct). The number of certified links to various solutions that can be linked to the MultiPress MIS/ERP in the print production environment is increasing rapidly.

Would you like to see for yourself how easy and fast the link between Probo and MultiPress works? Robert Hartman, Country Manager Netherlands, quickly explains it in this short video!