A strong grip on every aspect of your sales 

The MultiPress Commercial Management module is based on three important pillars: monitoring, data management and automation. With these three functions, commercial employees can work to streamline each sale.

By having a clear overview of all that is happening, strategic decisions can be made based on clear information and true figures. Managing commissions, quotes and projects is made easy in MultiPress. By automating in a targeted way, sales people can save time and focus their attention on their customers and the quotations that are required.

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Keeping an overview of all the activity in a print media business can be a big job and very time consuming. MultiPress gives you the tools to avoid a lot of unnecessary paperwork and back-and-forth exchange of information. For example, with the reporting module, you can view the exact figures that are relevant to you, based on daily figures in your company. With the opportunity analysis function in MultiPress, you can make strategic choices based on reliable analyses.

  • Time-saving: all the information in MultiPress can be easily compiled into clear reports and forecasts
  • Process control: the interactive dashboard provides up-to-date information and push notifications of important projects on all your devices 24/7

The administration of your quotations, projects and commissions communicate with each other thanks to MultiPress. This way, your administration always runs smoothly and you have access to the most recent information and communication with clients, prospects and business partners.  The Commercial management module allows you, among other things, to manage price agreements with customers or customer groups, manage commissions and group orders under projects for easier post-calculation and archive expired quotations in a structured way so that you always have an eye on all relevant information.

Find the right balance in the follow-up and processing of your quotations through targeted automation. That way you will save time and offer your customers a professional service.

Features of Commercial Management

Quotation Management

Keep an overview of your current offers

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Automatic Quotation Follow-up

Bring in more quotations with excellent service

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Price Agreements

Manage price agreements easily and efficiently

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Project Management

Group orders and partial orders under projects.

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Commercial Reporting

Monitor the success of your business

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Opportunity Analysis

Forecasts the way you want them

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Keep an overview and achieve better results.

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Commission Management

Know what commissions cost you

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Archiving Quotations

Delete expired quotations with peace of mind

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