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How do you maintain enough clout as a DM company with rising postage costs?

Direct mail is still one of the most efficient marketing tools. After all, what is better than a personal envelope full of goodies, delivered to your home? Avanti Direct-Mail is specialised in supporting 'hyper-personalised' marketing campaigns. But that requires a lot of organisation. And that includes impeccable administration. This means: quotations and invoices, but also logistics, planning, production, reporting, ... This requires flexible, modular business software. With which you can generate a detailed quotation without errors, a planning without holes and/or transparent reporting in just a few mouse clicks. Waste of time is hereby resolutely put at the door. In this way, a company retains every opportunity to keep playing on the price. Who or what will realise all this? Avanti, with MultiPress of course!

The current Avanti Direct-Mail was founded in 1986 by the Zuijdendorp family as a courier service. Prior to that they had been active in the direct-mail business for many years. Word-of-mouth advertising immediately brought in new business relations and more orders. But due to unexpectedly rapid growth, the premises soon became too small and Avanti even moved twice within the first few years. The current premises were finally moved into in 1991. With the expansion of the adjacent premises in 2005 and a large storage and processing location in Capelle a/d IJssel in 2008, the total size of the company now came to over 1800 m2. But it doesn't stop there for Avanti, does it?

Strong growth

The Southern Dutch direct mail supplier has grown strongly in the past 20 years, partly due to well thought-out takeovers. Avanti thus became a full-service house for everything to do with direct mail, from database management to typesetting and final production. This also includes all necessary handling, such as enveloping, sealing, fulfilment, manual processing of packages or special shipments and storage for companies. It goes without saying that this type of work requires a great deal of precision and meticulousness and certainly does not tolerate any errors. This is only possible with flawless organisation and, more specifically, adequate administration. Especially when the customers of Avanti are to be found in the government, associations, organisations and ... with fellow printers, who rely on the company as specialists in the field.

The step towards automation

But apart from Precal for price calculations, there was no automated workflow yet. High time, therefore, for a big step towards extensive administrative automation. Because with the significant increase in smaller jobs, in addition to the larger ones, a smooth job-on-board process is an increasingly important factor in every graphics company. But the current software only covers a small part of the essential functionality that a DM house needs in order to ensure smooth communication with the customer and an efficient flow of all orders, from order to delivery. MultiPress takes care of CRM, easy calculation and quotation, clear order and production planning, financial link for invoicing, link with paper catalogues, ... Now nothing stands in the way of the further growth of Avanti Direct-Mail. Even with ever increasing shipping costs!

Company details

Avanti Direct-Mail has been a household name in the South Holland region for years. Avanti stands for reliability, speed and expertise in Direct-Mail and is specialised in print runs between 500 and 250,000 pieces.

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