Digital print shop Printburo is known in Ypres and the surrounding area as a premium supplier of quality printed matter. But over the years, Kurt Clement, manager of Printburo, noticed that the administration did not always run smoothly. So he seized the opportunity to renew his administration structurally. Therefore, he consulted colleague printers, who quickly came up with the name Dataline. 

Fewer headaches because of quotations & invoicing

Whereas quotations used to be Printburo's biggest pain, MultiPress has made the creation of quotations and invoices a breeze. With an extensive customer portfolio like Printburo's, the automation flow is very important. Kurt Clement, manager of Printburo, is convinced of the value of MultiPress: 'At the moment everything is running smoothly, I am very satisfied. Creating, correcting and adjusting quotations once, twice, three times is lightning-fast.'

Printing for schools in the region

As a supplier of daily printing to local schools, Printburo often receives hundreds of orders in a day. Teachers can log in on a web platform, upload their orders and these are automatically forwarded to the Canon digital printing press and finished. The same day Printburo delivers the printed matter to the schools. A high degree of automation is required to manage this process. In the future, Clement also wants to fully automate the invoicing to the schools and even to the students. 

Standards for any kind of printed matter 

Standard products are often used for various orders from a wide range of customers, such as flyers, brochures and posters in large print runs. With MultiPress, Printburo can have these products pass through a single automation flow in terms of quotation, production and invoicing. This way the production runs more smoothly and MultiPress takes care of the administration of the entire digital print production, from A to Z.

Dataline, not a supplier, but a partner

'Without MultiPress, we would never have made it to where we are today,' says Kurt Clement. 'Dataline is actually not just a supplier of mine, but a real partner.' Dataline offers each customer quality software and full support during each step of the process. Kurt Clement fully agrees: 'For example, if we ask a question to support, we get a timely answer, feedback on how they are going to tackle the problem and how soon that will be. You're asking me if I'm satisfied with the support of Dataline? Super-satisfied!'

Lasting ambition

Printburo wants to move forward and wants to do this together with MultiPress. Their future vision with Dataline consists of further automation of the work process and even more time savings. Kurt Clement: 'The administrative flow should be as good as automatic so as a manager, I can focus more on the commercial side and the contact with suppliers.' Further developments are planned for Printburo, such as the e-Business module.


Company details

Printburo, which started in 1998 as a copy centre and has grown into a digital printing company, has been an avid MultiPress user for several years now. Seven employees at Printburo deliver both digital and large format printing to various parties every day, from private individuals to companies and from associations to schools. With orders such as business cards, large-format posters, flyers, books and birth announcements, the Waregem and Ypres printing company never stands still. As their slogan 'Printburo thinks along with you' suggests, Printburo goes further than you might think. A print company with ambition, that's for sure.

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