Benefit from a training grant in Belgium

Companies in Flanders and Brussels that invest in MultiPress training can benefit from government funding to support the training efforts of their staff.

Flanders: the kmo-portefeuille

Dataline Solutions is recognised by the Innovation and Enterprise Agency as a training provider, which means you can benefit from a subsidy from the Flemish government.

The kmo-portefeuille is a measure that gives you - as an entrepreneur - financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business. In concrete terms, these are training and consultancy services, such as drawing up a communication plan for your company. Small enterprises receive 30% support, a medium-sized enterprise 20% support. The maximum aid ceiling per year is €7,500.

More information on the conditions can be found here.

  • Training approval number: DV.O104026
  • Approval number Advice: DV.A106331
  • Approval number Strategic Advice DV.S216241

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