Coloring the world

Since the switch to MultiPress, the entire operating flow has been flawless. From 1 central administration.

How do you get a grip on the workflow after a takeover wave?

A strong story. With three acquisitions in two years, Coloro has conquered the Finnish carwrapping and large format market. The graphics company is growing at record speed into a dynamic full-service printing company employing 30 people. Their production unit has become the largest and most modern in Helsinki and far beyond. They also produce commercial printing on large pallets. With the increase in scale, the total supplier anticipates the growing market demand for faster and cheaper delivery. But operating from three different physical locations, operational continuity has become a challenge ...

Finnish graphic design

Helsinki is a contemporary city brimming with modern accommodation. The print production company Coloro, which has 3 branches there, displays the same assets. From a technical point of view, they have equipment to tell you the truth. Finnish design, too, is perfectly mastered by the enthusiastic graphics team. The visual high-flyers quickly became market leaders in large format printing. Metre-high creations on banners and displays, walls and exhibition stands or to 'pack up' vehicles. The possibilities are endless. As a full-service printing company, commercial printing also fits perfectly into the picture. From business cards and flyers to brochures. Finished with Finnish precision.

Can it be done faster?

Three acquisitions and an impressive growth curve, isn't that the dream scenario for any graphics company? Yet a number of pertinent problems lurked around the corner. Soon the internal administration turned out to be a bottleneck. More quotations, more projects, more orders, more invoices, ... Without supporting software. The back office did not reach further than digitally booking invoices in ERP, combined with standard office software. Add to that that king customer wants ever faster deliveries, preferably at a favourable price. The ambitious Coloro wanted to put an end to an administration that was lagging behind.

Mindblowing innovation

Ni Solutions - partner for Dataline in Scandinavia - put them on the track of MultiPress. It didn't take more than a professional demo to convince Coloro of the advantages of the market-specific business software. A mindblowing moment!

The three entities within Coloro are now no longer separate islands, but communicating vessels. Once more proof that a suitable MIS/ERP application can perfectly meet the needs of the digital printing and large format industry. Since the transition, all administrative, commercial, financial and logistical processes have run like a well-oiled train. What's more, Coloro saves a lot of time and money. Full speed ahead! 

MultiPress: #1 Business Software for printing businesses

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