High-quality transport data, stored centrally and in a structured way

Many customers send an Excel file with the distribution of deliveries for each job. With this module, you can avoid a lot of the hassle: your client's excel list is simply stored in MultiPress so that only the relevant numbers or new addresses are imported for each new job. A great time saver

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Printed matter that is to be distributed to different branches of a retail chain or various restaurant locations, for example, requires careful logistical planning. Such a complex shipping task requires that the order description includes an up-to-date and accurate address list. MultiPress takes this work off your hands: you quickly and easily import all the necessary transport data (such as addresses and quantities) and thus store this information centrally and in a structured manner.

  • Quick time-saving: copying large amounts of order information is time-consuming. Easily make time savings thanks to the clever MultiPress Transport database
  • Always accurate: the MultiPress Transport Database flawlessly imports all the information required from the files supplied by the client