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MultiPress and Pressero set up next-level e-business automation

Pressero, Aleyant's print-to-web software, has built up a solid reputation in the European market, as has Dataline with MultiPress. It is only logical that both superior platforms met. They decided pretty soon to continue as certified partners. This partnership created a seamless and sustainable connection between MultiPress and Pressero.

The result is a further increase in efficiency in the graphics sector, for both Aleyant and MultiPress users.

After all, e-business is an integral part of the entire graphic industry. A webshop with a well-integrated, customer-oriented process helps graphic companies to do (more) business and to build up a loyal customer base.

About Aleyant

Aleyant's automation software supports the growth of your print business. Pressero is Aleyant's print-to-web software and offers both a B2B and B2C storefront solution, with full customisation capabilities.