Dataline launches MultiPress Polaris: empowering print production companies in tough economic times

8 Sep 2022


Europe's #1 MIS/ERP software for print production companies. MultiPress offers new capabilities essential in today's business environment: Product Tracking, Production Workflow, Transport Costing, Environmental Management, Automatic Payments and Accounting.

Bruges, 8th of September 2022

How does MultiPress Polaris support your print production business?

PolarisDataline will launch version 5.4 of MultiPress in september 2022: MultiPress Polaris. The popular MIS/ERP package is currently used by more than 1,000 print production companies across Europe.

In the development of this latest version, the Dataline team listened carefully to the wishes and suggestions of MultiPress users. MultiPress 5.4 extends the popular software package with important innovations and also makes improvements in existing functionalities.

Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline, says: "The innovative changes we have made to MultiPress take into account the enormous pressures that today's print production companies are under due to paper and substrate supply problems, lack of suitable manpower, increasingly stringent environmental regulations and strong price fluctuations. These are definitely very significant challenges. We recognise that it is crucial for these companies to have their administration and production processes perform as optimally as possible. Optimising production processes results in maximum flexibility for companies to respond to rapidly changing circumstances. All the innovations in the Polaris version of MultiPress are designed to simplify the work of the MultiPress user and to support print production companies during these economic challenges, both now and in the future."

Starting at the end of September, Dataline is hosting a free webinar series about this new update and the most important features in MultiPress Polaris. Curious? Then quickly register for one of the sessions via the button below.

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Calculate your CO2 in MultiPress: Discover the exact environmental impact of printing

The pressure to reduce the industry's environmental impact comes not only from European institutions and national governments, but the printing industry itself is looking to do its part. To support them in this, it is now possible in MultiPress to make the correct calculation of the carbon footprint of every quotation and print job.

The MultiPress calculation uses the general emissions of the various production processes and combines them with the specific emissions data of the substrate used and the planned transport. In this way, the total emissions are calculated, which can then be added to quotations and orders.

For this purpose, Dataline entered into a certified partnership with "Dienstencentrum", a Dutch organisation that is an expert in the field of CO2 regulations in Europe. So now MultiPress becomes an indispensable tool for modern print production companies who want to actively engage in environmental control.

End-to-end workflow covering every detail of the transport process

With ever tighter deadlines for the delivery of print jobs, good service and perfect quality have become crucial. With MultiPress you can perfectly coordinate all aspects of your transport planning with detailed calculations and and follow-up. In this way, the entire transport process, including post-calculation and invoicing, is included into one integrated workflow:

  • Calculate print packaging: With MultiPres 5.4 you can calculate the weight and volume of print jobs more accurately and quickly. The primary, secondary and tertiary packaging of printed materials can be defined in convenient templates. For example, the number of copies wrapped in film, the number of packages in a box, and the number of boxes on a pallet can all be recorded in one template. Using these templates, the 'order manager' can calculate a print consignment very quickly and precisely
  • Achieving accurate calculation of the transport process: A large number of new possibilities have been added to the calculation of the transport process. It is now easier to include in the calculation, both in-house transport and and external transport companies with their own specified rates and deadlines
  • Delivery-based invoicing: For the first time, the 5.4 version of MultiPress allows you to create an invoice based on a delivery note. In this way, there is a one-to-one connection between delivery and invoicing. MultiPress also complies with the Intrastat declaration, where location, weight, and method of shipment are crucial.

Improved production tracking through accurate registration

In order for a tight schedule to run smoothly, it is important that each step of the production process can be monitored accurately and easily.

In MultiPress, registration has always been an important tool for follow-up and post-calculation. Now in version 5.4, a number of improvements have been made making the registration tool even more powerful:

  • Fold sheet registration: for complex printed products that include several folding forms, it is useful to register the folding sheets separately. This way, the bindery knows exactly how many of the printed sheets have been processed into quires.
  • More than time recording: Recording is now more than just communicating the production time. The operator can also pass on information about the material used. Stocks are then automatically deducted from the registration. This is particularly useful because it allows the administration on the production floor to be done directly, without extra intermediate steps.

MultiPress controls the production workflow for sign and large format companies

With MultiPress, the 'order manager' carries out more and more prepress tasks and production preparations earlier in the process. This speeds up all business processes further down the line and avoids mistakes and unnecessary actions. Dataline has also added a number of important features to the workflow specifically for sign and large format companies:

  • Imposition, shape nesting and other combinations: MultiPress offers the best solution for arranging different (partial) orders on one printing sheet. This is done using the Workflower software in the familiar MultiPress environment. Thanks to these precise order calculations, the 'order supervisor' can immediately forward the formatted files to RIPs, printers or finishing machines, without further intervention by operators
  • Connection with Caldera PrimeCenter: For sign and large format companies who want to further automate their production, Dataline now has a certified connection with PrimeCenter, the prepress workflow of Caldera and Zünd. This allows for the preparation and feed of various production queues from the prepress workflow. Thanks to the link with MultiPress, these can now be immediately supplemented from administration and order management.  This makes it possible, for example, to send e-commerce orders directly from the order portal to the correct production line without manual intervention

Options for smoother payment transactions

Through collaborations with certified partners, Dataline expands a number of possibilities for payment processing:

  • Paying with QR and other barcodes: Paying invoices and bills is becoming easier with user-friendly banking applications. MultiPress teamed up with the PAY organisation to integrate these payments into MultiPress. Now you can easily add a unique QR code to each invoice and configure which payment platforms apply.
  • Electronic invoicing: There has been signficant demand for a convenient and above all a secure way to exchange electronic invoices. PEPPOL, an international network with an agreement framework, offers a standard format and applications to facilitate e-procurement and e-invoicing. This is also now possible within MultiPress thanks to the cooperation with certified partner Storecove.

About MultiPress

MultiPress is the #1 MIS/ERP software in the European printing industry. Developed by leading innovator Dataline Solutions, this powerful award winning software combines all the functionalities required to make the administration and workflow of any print and signage company run smoothly and boost added value.

This powerful modular management software will accompany you from A to Z. Customer management, Quote calculation, Time recording, Production and Order management, Logistics, Cost calculation, Dashboards and Invoicing are just some of the many possible functionalities that will save time, resources and money in any print media company.

Dataline has won the trust of more than 10,000 daily users in 1,000 locations. The MultiPress software is not only praised by its users, but this popular system has also won a European Digital Press award three years in a row.

About Dataline

Dataline Solutions has the experience and the deeper technical understanding to know what print media companies need to streamline their processes, automate their workflows, increase their profits and grow their business. Their high-performance MIS/ERP software, MultiPress, was developed specifically to meet the needs of modern print media companies of all sizes using different types of production technologies.

With over 60 employees in 4 offices and a network of certified partners throughout Europe, this leading innovator in the industry has earned the trust of over 1,000 print media companies to date. The Dataline team is committed to delivering outstanding quality of service and is dedicated to remain the reference of choice in intelligent management software.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021, Dataline received multiple European Digital Press (EDP) awards as best Print MIS system, print media company. In 2022 Dataline won the Trends Gazellen award as the fastest-growing medium-sized company in West Flanders.

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