For realistic planning, a clear overview of all orders and available production capacity is required. But how do you actually deploy your people and your equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible? The answer is to optimize your workflow by using MultiPress - from prepress and printing to finishing, shipping and fulfilment!

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Scheduling in MultiPress is based on centrally managed order information. The delivery date of an order serves as the starting point for all process steps required to ensure timely and streamlined production, from prepress and printing to finishing, shipping and fulfilment.

Based on this order information, MultiPress links a flow chart to each order. MultiPress allows you to schedule the work sequence as efficiently as possible. 

The planning can always be flexibly adjusted to changing circumstances, such as an increase in the number of copies, and to the actual progress of the order flow. This allows your team to intervene immediately and make adjustments where necessary. 

With MultiPress Production & Expedition Planning, you lose less time planning and monitoring an order flow. The available production capacity is always used optimally ensuring that every order is delivered on time and in accordance with the agreement.

  • Overview and background: your production planning and all underlying order information is easily and quickly available
  • Control and flexibility: the status of each order is always visible and can be adjusted in a timely manner
  • Efficient production: with a clear and flexible planning board, each member of staff is able to work at an optimal pace according to production capacity.
  • Save time and avoid errors: all current order information and instructions are always available across every department
  • On time and on schedule: the processing schedule for each order is fully aligned with your company's processes and capacity. Thanks to the direct link with transport companies, you also have shipping and delivery under control.

Features of Production & Expedition Planning

Graphic Plan Board

Display the complete order flow visually

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Prepress Schedule

Plan your prepress tasks efficiently

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Print Production Schedule

Avoid bottlenecks with efficient production planning

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Post-production Schedule

Plan your finishing, handling and refinement tasks flawlessly

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Subcontractors Schedule

Easily include appointments with external suppliers in your planning

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Quality Assurance

Check the status and progress of each order in a clear and immediate overview

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Delivery Schedule

Get an overview of your transport flows

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Workforce Schedule

Match your production capacity to the number of available employees

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Machine & Employee Schedule Optimisation

Optimise your machine and employee schedule

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