The Calculation Wizard: how much do you save with automatic price calculation?

15 February 2022

Man werkt aan Calculatie Wizard

Ten times more quotations in a quarter of the time? With the Wizard technology of MultiPress, in just a few clicks you can prepare a detailed quotation with information that can be used immediately later in the production process. No other solution on the market can match that speed and precision!

Go beyond a simple sales price calculation

The Calculation Wizard can analyse almost any print job, no matter how specific, down to the smallest detail and automatically calculate the most competitive price. Not only material prices and print runs, but paper types, printing and finishing techniques or machines are quickly identified. The production time is calculated as well so that this can be included in the quotation and the order.

All print media techniques for printing and finishing can be configured and calculated down to the last detail: all forms of printing (offset, digital, large format, sign), finishing (laminating, bookbinding, foil printing, die-cutting, milling, hemming, etc.). So you no longer have to rely on a rough estimate.

Even employees without graphic training can quickly and easily calculate a correct quote. It is almost impossible to be more user-friendly, and you notice this already when you enter basic data such as quantity and format: the Wizard only shows the follow-up steps and options that apply to your selection. Moreover, you are not obliged to fill in all the data; the Wizard is able to retrieve the necessary metadata (format, number of pages) from the supplied PDF file itself!

Calculation Wizard for Offset and Digital Printing

Calculation Wizard for Sign and Large Format

Double time-saving: "One million calculations in one month"

The dynamic and intelligent character of the Calculation Wizard is what makes it so exceptionally strong. Data and any adjustments that you enter in the Calculation Wizard are automatically adopted 1:1 in the rest of the process. And once a quotation becomes an order, the data are sent on to the production planning. Since all the parameters of this order are known, this happens automatically.

At Van As, they were looking for a package that described and processed offset and large format in one flow. That's how they ended up with MultiPress. The calculation is done in the same detailed way and they can very quickly make a comparison between whether they are going to use offset or large format for a print job: will the production speed go up and will they still be offering the customer the best technology? The speed and user-friendliness of these calculation methods are an absolute plus for them.

Martijn ten Pas, director-owner of DWCPrint, is equally impressed with the stability that the Calculation Wizard brings to his digital printing business. Thanks to the link between his Magento webshop and the MultiPress Calculation Wizard, the online orders are immediately available in MultiPress: "We were looking for a system in which we could manage everything and which would also provide us with something for the future. With the Calculation Wizard, DWCPrint easily processes one million calculations in one month.

The entire subsequent process of planning, supplying and checking files, prepress, proofing, production, finishing and delivery is completely prepared and can be highly automated based on the calculation data.

Curious about what the MultiPress Calculation Wizard can do for your print media company? Then register for the free MAS audit, and together we will calculate your savings and efficiency gains!