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  • Belle Screen
    Belle Screen is a typical example of a diversified print business. Fast-growing, ambitious but … a lot of time-consuming paperwork. MultiPress provides the automated way forward.
  • Bedrijfsbeeld Castaar
    Castaar is a young, fast-growing graphics company. Real all-rounders, they handle web, digital, large-format, printing, events and more. They also produce impressive work as car wrappers, and even received a FESPA 2020 Award (postponed) for their achievements! The stronger their growth became, the more acute their administrative headaches. They knew what they needed to do: improve their efficiency!
  • DSB Print
    DSB Print is a traditional company specialising in screen printing, textile, pad printing, ceramic printing, embroidery, laser and other finishes. An administrative workflow was urgently needed and was about to be implemented. Then the crisis struck ...
  • Van As
    Drukkerij VAN AS was founded in 1934 and is still active today as an offset printer in Oud-Beijerland. Since 2000, they have also operated the Amsterdam-based subsidiary, VAN AS Print & Sign, specialised in large format printing
  • The untold Drupa 2020 stories
    Talking to Dirk Deroo and Robert Hartman from Dataline, it becomes immediately clear that the coronavirus crisis is having a substantial impact on virtually all employees, as well as the company’s many thousands of customers, spread across 23 countries. Dataline has made all the necessary arrangements for remote working. Using, they can tackle just about any challenge, including extensive online audits.
  • Blog
    At Dataline Solutions, we know that it’s increasingly difficult to generate profit on ink and paper. So, because we understand that the business processes are becoming more complex, we developed a unique audit tool. This specific piece of software will not only analyze your current way of working to determine how effective and efficient your company is today. It will also provide you with an advanced and specific report on how much time and money you can save in optimizing your company processes.
  • Why you should take advantage of these times to re-evaluate the relevance of your ERP
    Coronavirus is affecting both individuals and the economy as a whole; it’s a difficult time for all of us. Professionally, this slowdown in activity could be an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your current way of working and reconsider the relevance of your ERP.
  • Universal Graphics
    The Irish group Universal Graphics is a leader in signage and vehicle branding. Fast and efficient work processes are essential to properly manage volume production at the three production sites. UG hit the bullseye with the switch to MultiPress.
  • printbedrijf masterplan
    Your software investments deserve big picture, strategic planning. It’s time to step back and assess your core business processes and how software helps, hinders, optimizes, or ideally automates the steps required everyday to deliver on your customer promises.
  • The future of today’s administrative workflow

    Over the last few years, it’s become clear that more and more graphics businesses have opted to improve and optimise their administrative workflow. Unfortunately, in most cases, the actual implementation is inadequate.