MultiPress 6.0 Sirius: light-years ahead

MultiPress boosts the administration of your print and sign company. All processes run optimally, without your workflow running dry. That is the added value of MultiPress.

Our developers continue to innovate: the latest version, MultiPress 6.0 Sirius, prepares you for a profitable future. They develop solutions to today's challenges by developing new technologies.

MultiPress Sirius


What are the 10 key features of MultiPress 6.0 Sirius?

MultiPress AI Assistant


Quick insights with the MultiPress AI Assistant

The groundbreaking MultiPress AI Assistant enables users for the first time to get quick analysis, insights and recommendations on quotation profit opportunities in a clear language thanks to the AI Assistant's lightning-fast insight into the large amount of data in their MultiPress database.

MultiPress Cloud


Get reacquainted with the basics using the revamped MultiPress Cloud

MultiPress is now available as a powerful cloud solution. This gives you access to essential functions (CRM, pre-calculation, orders, invoicing and dashboards) in an up-to-date interface. With its intuitive interfaces and sleek design, MultiPress's ease of use is taken to the next level.

A convenient set of tools with the Order Manager 2.0

The latest version of the MultiPress Order Manager offers an effective solution by providing the order manager with a convenient set of tools to help him follow jobs through to production.

Shipments with MultiPress Kits

Get even more control over your logistics chain with MultiPress Kits. With the kits, it is now possible to bundle different parts of various orders into different shipments in a simple and very clear way. You can then follow these partial orders through order management right up to delivery.

MultiPress App


MultiPress App: CRM, Planning & Expedition on the go

The MultiPress App is the next iteration of the award-winning Installation App and links you directly to MultiPress, wherever you are. The ideal smart assistant for every representative and installer on the go. Not only very easy to use, but especially efficient to follow up projects smoothly up to completion.

MultiPress Planning


Reduce complexity with Planning

The planning module in MultiPress underwent a thorough overhaul, adapting planning to today's needs: a new clear interface, great precision and new settings make the complexity of planning easier to understand and more flexible.

Effortless calculation of labels, packaging and displays

MultiPress now offers a solution for the effortless calculation, management and production of displays, labels, packaging and complex point-of-sale jobs.

Sustainability features without profit loss

MultiPress presents a range of enhanced features that help print businesses meet their environmental goals without sacrificing profit margins. Discover how MultiPress helps print businesses achieve environmental goals while maintaining efficiency.

Automate repetitive actions with MultiFlow

More and more MultiPress users are discovering the power of MultiFlow scenarios, which eliminate and automate repetitive actions within MultiPress. With a simple rule-based approach, users can set up and customise automation themselves.

Expansion of MultiPress Certified Partners network

At drupa, Dataline will demonstrate a very comprehensive range of the latest workflow integrations with leading players such as Canon, Kodak, ECO3 , OneVision, Caldera, Screen,, XMPie, Antalis and many others.

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