An order is not complete until delivery has taken place on time and as agreed. This last step in the planning process is of crucial importance, especially since transportation costs account for an increasing proportion of total order costs. With dispatch planning from MultiPress, you can finally get that last link in the chain under control.

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MultiPress establishes a link with transport companies and data is shared on the transport costs.  The planning is done by adhering to certain standards. Thanks to this link, all the information surrounding a transport order is easily exchanged automatically, from the reservation of transport and the notification of a parcel or pallet to the track & trace code and notification of delivery by the carrier.

The links via the Expedition Planning module provide an overview of transport flows. Thanks to the seamless exchange of information, you get an instant quote based on the weight and dimensions of the delivery. It is even possible to compare different providers.

  • Overview and background: your production planning, from prepress and printing to finishing and shipping, can be viewed at a glance and all underlying order information is available with a single mouse click.
  • Control and flexibility: the link between MultiPress and external transport companies ensures that the dispatch planning fits seamlessly with your production planning.
  • On time and on schedule: MultiPress ensures that all your orders are produced and delivered as agreed