Professional and targeted customer calls

Almost every print media company today is familiar with VoIP, telephone calls over the Internet. MultiPress takes advantage of this: the moment you receive a telephone call from your VoIP switchboard, MultiPress immediately displays the relevant client information on your screen. If you want to call someone, just click the call icon next to the telephone number in the client area.

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The CRM system in MultiPress makes it possible to have all relevant customer information available at a glance as soon as the telephone rings. As a result, you can immediately see with whom you are speaking and have all relevant information about current offers, orders or complaints at your disposal. No more time wasted searching through spreadsheets, emails and databases for the right information and you can immediately answer the customer directly and professionally.

For outgoing calls, call up the customer's details and choose the phone number of the right contact person. It couldn't be simpler.

  • Professional communication: you have all the relevant information at your disposal for each telephone call
  • Fast and efficient: no time wasted searching for the right information, give direct and relevant reactions
  • Customer satisfaction: professional communication underpins all good customer relations