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MultiPress - introduction

MultiPress: #1 Business software for printing businesses

MultiPress is the MIS/ERP software for dynamic printing and production businesses in various related industries. MultiPress integrates all administrative, commercial, financial and logistic business processes together with production and management into one powerful management system.

In a nutshell, the MultiPress Business Software helps to reduce the administrative tasks and improve your productivity thanks to numerous modules for your specific company. Customer management, calculation package, time registration, cost management or cost price calculation and invoicing are only a few of the many possibilities of MultiPress which help you save a lot of time and money.

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"MultiPress enabled the full automation of our manufacturing process without losing control."


Large format

MultiPress brings peace and quiet in digital, plot and large format printing businesses.

These companies are gradually outgrowing the chaotic start-up phase.  MultiPress helps them structure the production monitoring process. This often leads to short response and delivery times. Workflow automation has the highest priority in view of the large number of orders to be processed on a daily basis.  MultiPress also makes it possible to closely monitor invoicing. MultiPress brings peace to the organisation so that it is possible to focus on high-quality digital and plot printing on a daily basis.

Precalculation CRM E-business


MultiPress - unique for screen printing businesses and finishers 

The calculations of a screen printing business or finisher are nothing like offset calculations.  MultiPress is unique in terms of frame handling, ink consumption calculations or the treatment of support varieties. In addition, MultiPress is very useful for order follow-up, invoicing, delivery, planning, stock etc.

Order management Management & reporting Connectivity

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MultiPress includes more than ten calculation techniques for the calculation of your quotation. They have been developed alongside experts and leading customers of Dataline Solutions from the graphic sector. Each calculation technique has its specific requirements, enabling the user to achieve a correct calculation of the cost price and desired selling price with minimal input and maximum flexibility.

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MultiPress has a complete customer relationship management system at its disposal in which all contacts, correspondence, visits or important telephone conversations are registered. Complaints are recorded effortlessly, and delegating tasks or planning appointments can be done directly from the client file. No doubt you will also want to make use of the MultiPress folder structure, where you can store various documents, logos and images of your client.

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Order management

MultiPress neatly divides your orders into two streams: production orders, which are sent to production planning, and advance orders, which are added to the picking list. The MultiPress stock module goes even further than that. It keeps track of customer-specific goods and registers these goods either directly or via the web2print module. This way you can follow up your order from beginning to ‘ready-to-print’.

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Project planning

The MultiPress planning module automatically links the planning to the post-calculation module. In the digital version you can move all processes of one job in one go, obviously taking into account the different reference dates. An additional asset for optimising your planning is the MultiPress Smart Plan Board - a 77" touch screen that visualises the planning for all departments.

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Project registration

A graphic company must efficiently leverage production time. The cornerstone is time registration. This user-friendly module enables you to work with the "timer", the "from-to" times or "durations". The result is a clear overview of productivity, employee efficiency etc. In short: the numbers tell the tale!

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Invoicing and financial monitoring

The order data are automatically entered into the invoicing module. All possible invoicing functions are possible. The financial export module is furthermore compatible with practically every commercial Belgian accounting package, which enables you to enter the MultiPress invoices in the accounts by pressing a single button.

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Management & reporting

With this module, you are able to analyse your turnover figures quickly and easily. It allows you to see which type of orders were most popular over the past year. Or to check the evolution of the turnover figures of certain customers or customer groups. It also gives an overview of gross margins and added value during a certain period.

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If you have a web shop or web module, jobs arrive directly in MultiPress via your website and are handled administratively. Even payment can be finalised thanks to the link to existing payment systems.

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Thanks to a full cloud licence, the MultiPress client can now also be used within a web browser. This smart and language-independent interface can be customised as desired. This marks a new era in terms of flexibility and mobility.

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The full workflow can be automated within MultiPress. This is done by means of the modules “Workflow-basic”, “Check and repair”, “Impose”, ”Workflow JDF” and “Workflow JMF”. Each of them takes cares of a piece of the workflow fully automatically.

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